Missing Classmates 
We are continuing our search for all our classmates and hope that you will assist us in locating them by telling us about any classmates you may have kept in contact with over the years. We are hoping to locate all of our former classmates from Sumter High Class of 1983!

A list of our Missing Alumni may be found here  (Scroll to bottom of the page).

Please visit the 1st Class Reunions website at www.1stClassReunions.com  to update your Contact information. First Create a User Name and Password. Then you can securely Register Online on this page.

After the reunion please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us your info as well as invite any of the classmates to come here to give us their info and check out this site created just for us. Or, call us with the information on the "Contact Us" page and we can tell you if a classmate is still missing. Also, at this point you may simply send in your information on the "Registration" form, which you will find on the "Registration" page.

You may also give us any information you have on other classmates as well, so we can locate as many of our classmates as well.

So, come join us to connect with former friends from our class or make new friends from former classmates that you may not have connected with before. 

We also have some classmates who need to be recognized as being deceased in a memorial service, and the memorial section for our class. If you have any information about classmates who have passed away since we graduated, please contact us to let us know who they are and give us as much information about them and any contact info for their family that you may have. Thank you...they deserve to be recognized as our classmates, too, and remembered in our memorial service and listing. Help us do so. This information can also be written on the back of the "Memory Book Questionnaire" and returned with your registration.

If you are ready to connect now with some former classmates, Well your in luck, because we also have a page and group in Facebook
created just for us to come together and reconnect, share photos, and information called
Sumter High Class of 1983  that is the last page of this site. We have a list of Missing Classmates in this social network and a list of Possibly Deceased, or Memorial List. You must be a member to enter this portion of the site.

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