Reunion Costs 

This page is where our reunion costs for the events are listed for Sumter High Class of 1983 to let you know what your Registration Fees are comprised from.  

Items Included in Cost of Reunion 
(Where your Registration Fee is going):


·          Room and hall fees

·          Site staff

·          Equipment

·          Tables and chairs

·          Flowers: Dinner Dance

·          Flowers: Memorial

·          Table Center Pieces for Dinner Dance

·          Decorations (Balloons, streamers, Confetti, Themed shaped items, Sticky Tac, tape, ties, etc.)

·          Graphics work

·          Signs/Banners

·          Office Supplies

·          Postage for Mailings

·          Printing for Mailings

·          Printing of Programs for Dinner Dance & Memorial

·          Name Tags

·          Telephone/Communications System

·          Website: Domain & Hosting (Paid for 5 years - less expensive & last to next reunion)

·          Company location of missing classmates

·          State Application Fees (covers 5 years - last to next reunion)

·          Food: Reception Hor dervs & Dinner Catering

·          Drinks

·          Staff and gratuities

·          Performers / DJ's

·          Video Tapes for Videography

·          Professional Photographer

·          Alumni Gifts (Customized Photo Frame for each attendee, DVD with Reunion Video and images on it for each attendee, etc.)???

·          Memorial Plaques

·          Attendants for facilities


All this brought to you by a dedicated reunion committee made up solely of volunteer classmates who are giving of their time and efforts, who each incur expenses for Office Supplies, etc. for doing their work on the committee doing research, searching for classmates, and committee meetings for planning.


We couldn’t have this reunion without our wonderful reunion committee. So, please join me in thanking them for all their hard work!


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